I realized today that I hadn’t written a new blog post here in months. When I looked back at the blog posts that lingered here, I realized most of them had outdated information, or they represented opinions that I felt strongly about at the time but serve no useful purpose anymore. I’d rather have “no blog” than “a blog with outdated posts.”

This realization came after I received an email from a reader who wanted to know if I was still writing. She thought I wasn’t, since my blog hadn’t been updated in so long.  It never occurred to me that someone might think because I don’t blog, it means I’m no longer writing.

I fully believe that all readers really want from the authors they enjoy are “more books.”  Blog posts with philosophies, ideas, strong opinions?  Nah.

I will continue to interact with my readers on Facebook and via email.  There’s a small chance I will add some new features to this website in the future to increase communication with those who desire it.  They know who they are. 🙂





Added 7/14/12 

I decided to update this “final” post instead of creating a new one that would go out on the RSS feed and make someone think there was something important here.

In response to some recent questions about what I’m working on and why I don’t blog anymore:

Why don’t I blog anymore? 

I think it’s answered above, but it’s also because I don’t have time.

Are you busy writing sequels to Safe With Me?

Not at the moment, but soon.  I’m currently working on some unrelated books I need to finish under other pen names.  I will probably release a sequel to Safe With Me in 2013.

Are you self-published?  Why?

Yes. I have other pen names that are traditionally published, but I prefer the freedom of self-publishing.  I turned down representation from literary agents who wanted to shop the rights to any Safe With Me sequels (after the book spent June and July 2012 in the top 20 erotica at the Kindle store). Unless I am assured that I will maintain full creative control, I would rather not traditionally publish Safe With Me or anything related to it because the story is very personal to me.  Sequels about other characters may not be erotic, and I don’t want to be forced to write another book just like this one.  I like to let the characters do what they want to do, and they’re not all as horny as Tyler and Susie.