For Britta, Volume One

For Britta, Volume One
by Shaina Richmond

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In her final month of pregnancy, Susie uses her time on bed rest to relay tales of her life to her soon-to-be-born daughter, Britta.

Susie was fifteen years old when her mother passed away. Five years later, she learned that her paternity was a lie.

Motivated by the recent loss of a friend, Susie starts a journal with the hope that, in the unfortunate case of her own untimely passing, her precious daughter will not be forced to draw her own conclusions about her mother’s life.

Susie’s thoughts turn to the summer of 1999, when she was a fourteen-year-old outcast. As punishment, her father sends her to church camp where she encounters the boy who ruined her reputation with lies the previous summer. When he goes too far to get her attention, a twenty-three-year-old hero named Jerry Lyons steps in, sweeping Susie off her feet in the process.

After a few private talks in his cabin, Susie leaves camp desperately in love with Jerry, and hopeful that he will overlook her age and give her a chance to be more than his secret friend, but he soon breaks her heart.

Susie is distracted from her pain when she lands her first job, working alongside her mother, Priscilla. With her domineering father out of town, Susie gets closer to Priscilla and learns surprising new information about her.


Page count

The page count for part one is 266. I plan to make each part at least 220 pages, and I will publish every two months.


Additional info

Opinions asserted in For Britta are those of the characters, not their writer. I write what characters tell me to write, and I try not to stand in their way.

For Britta may be read as a companion to Safe With Me, or as a separate series.

For Britta could be considered a prequel or a sequel to Safe With Me, or neither. Susie writes her journal less than nine months after the end of Safe With Me, but she’s telling stories from her youth.

Tyler appears in the final chapter.

This serial will be ongoing. I will publish every two months, if not sooner.

I will not end this series because: I enjoy writing it, and I know from experience that it kinda sucks to end a series. I wish I hadn’t ended Safe With Me. I will pause For Britta on occasion, but not on a cliffhanger.

That’s why I also plan to release a series in the near future that picks up where Safe With Me left off. In For Britta, Tyler and Susie mention events that occur between when Tyler found her, and when Susie starts her journal to Britta, such as their wedding, and Susie’s reconciliation with her brother and sister. I plan to write about all of this and more in the new serial that I will publish later this year. More info on that to come.

Why am I writing For Britta?

I am passionate about this story. I’ve been writing it over the past few years, as the characters lead me.

I’ve never had a story call to me to write it like this one. That’s why I have to write it.

I have many other series to publish that will be associated with For Britta.

For Britta is not an indicator of what I will write in the future. I will probably publish books in a wide variety of genres in the next few years. I write characters, and they pick their own genre.

How For Britta relates to Safe With Me

(I added this section later.) Please see this blog post (opens in a new window) for info about how the series link together.

Why serials?

I’ve spent the past three years trying NOT to write serials, but I can’t seem to write a shorter story. I wish I could.


I can not offer a pre-order at Amazon because I canceled a pre-order there in January. I will be able to offer pre-orders at Amazon again in January 2016.

I can only offer a pre-order at iBooks, but I am not “Apple exclusive.” Apple just happens to be the only retailer where I can offer a pre-order.

Speaking of which, here’s the pre-order for For Britta, Volume Two, if you have iBooks.

Where’s Matt & Daisy?

Answer: here. But feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.


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In Conclusion

I know it’s different in tone and genre from what I wrote before, but this is the story my heart ached to write. I fought this urge for a long time, and I lost.

For Britta, Volume One
by Shaina Richmond

Now Available at:
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