It’s been a while since I published anything.

And I know you might have some questions, given this new book. I anticipate one of them might be “Where is Matt & Daisy?”.  I wrote a post to cover that, here.

Or maybe: How does For Britta relate to Safe With Me?

If those articles don’t answer your questions, maybe this will:

forbritta1Susie is writing to the baby in her belly. That baby is the same girl shown in the Safe With Me epilogue. She is named Britta, after the town where she was conceived, where Susie was living when Tyler found her at the end.

On bed rest, with Britta due in a few weeks, Susie uses her time to relay memorable lessons from her youth. In the first chapter, she tells Britta, “I’m writing this so you’ll know the truth about me, and you won’t have to create your own theories based on gossip, or what others may show you online.”

Many rumors haunt Susie. Enough that, after the right kind of digging, Susie’s nemesis, Kate, was able to put together a lengthy note, which she published on Facebook, if you’ll recall.

Susie has the financial means to manage her online reputation, but that’s merely a deterrent, not a solution.

Susie wants to set Britta straight on those rumors so she won’t believe what one of Tyler’s nosy relatives may show her online. And since Susie has a friend who just died a few months after having her first baby, she knows how short life can be, and she wants to use her time wisely, passing along the stories that no one else can tell her.

Tyler appears in the final chapter of the first part of For Britta. He and Susie mention a few events that have taken place since the end of Safe With Me. I plan to show those events in detail, and possibly from other characters’ points of view. They include: Tyler and Susie’s wedding(s), Susie’s reconciliation with her brother and sister (Matt and Tabby), her friendship with Gabrielle, drug rehab, and much more.

For Britta could be considered a prequel to Safe With Me, or an epilogue, or neither. I consider Safe With Me to be a subplot of For Britta, because For Britta is a longer story. It starts when Susie is a child, and will end well after she marries Tyler.

Readers who enjoyed Susie and wish to know more about her will hopefully enjoy For Britta. I based it on facts and details from Safe With Me. If read together, they will make more sense, but they can be read separately.

For Britta is not erotic or romantic.

Warning: It’s a darker story than I’ve published in the past, and future parts may contain scenes of violence or sexual assault.

I will publish a new part every two months. At some point, I will pause the series, but not on a cliffhanger.

I simply want to leave the series open so I can add more to it as time passes. I know too well how hard it is to end a series. That’s why I plan to write a series that will pick up where Safe With Me left off, but go in a direction that’s more realistic and less erotic. Tyler and Susie will not break up. I simply enjoy writing about them, and I will publish these stories for readers who wish to know more.

I naturally write long stories. I know that many readers wait until a series is complete before they start to read it. That’s your choice. But the only way I could publish faster is if I could write shorter stories. It’s up to you if you want to wait to read, but I am publishing now for those readers who don’t want to wait months or years for my series to be further along.

I haven’t been publishing, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’ve been working on many stories related to Safe With Me and For Britta, and I hope to publish them in the near future.

Characters from For Britta and my Barboza Brothers series (which I wrote as Reeni Austin) will be combined.

I will be sharing exclusive extras every two weeks for readers who want more of the story. Please subscribe to my mailing list if interested.

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