Priscilla’s Mix Tapes

These are the mix tapes that Hector the DJ made for Priscilla, and are found by Jerry and Elliot when Susie goes to the beach in For Britta.

Priscilla memorized the color code for each tape, so the contents remain indecipherable to the average person.

The only tape with writing is Priscilla’s decoy, with music approved by Jack.

The contents of each tape fit on a standard, C-60 cassette tape, and each side is no longer than thirty minutes long, should you decide to make our own tape.

While some sides are tight, Hector easily made them fit into a thirty-minute interval using crossfades, and eliminating silence at the beginning of the track.

Click on a tape to review track listings and music samples.

Priscilla's Decoy Tape

Priscilla’s decoy tape has music that Jack Lombardi approves of. It also contains songs that Priscilla genuinely likes. It’s the only one of her tapes that is not marked with a sticker, but labeled with handwriting.

The Blue Tape

The Blue Tape is the mix that Priscilla listens to the most. It has elements of classic rock, and a smattering of other genres to round it out.

The Purple Tape

The purple tape is filled with songs that Opal Dixon played when Priscilla and Susie visited.

Priscilla chose purple for the sticker color because she heard that it represented royalty, and she always thought of MissOpal as a queen.


The Orange Tape

The Orange Tape is a mix tape in its purest form. It’s the mix that Priscilla listens to for an upbeat drive by the beach.

The Yellow Tape

The Yellow Tape contains Priscilla’s choices for easy listening music from the 70s and early 80s.

The Red Tape

The majority of the Red Tape is more aggressive rock, at least for the time. Hector threw a few of his favorites into this album.

The Green Tape

The Green Tape is full of Priscilla’s favorite Country songs with a majority of female-fronted acts.

The Red-Yellow Tape

This album is a second album full of Priscilla’s favorite Country songs, with a few extras added by Hector the DJ.

The Blue-Green Tape

This is a mix that Hector made from some tracks that Priscilla gave him that wouldn’t fit on other tapes. As such, it’s a bit more eclectic than other mix tapes.